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Can You Mow in the Rain ?

Updated: Jun 7

There is nothing that says you can’t mow in the rain, there are just a few things you have to consider.

1. Safety

Wet lawns and grounds make slippery surfaces for anyone mowing. This includes using a push mower or ride on. You have to be extremely careful while mowing in the rain as slippery grounds are definitely a hazard. If the situation is not urgent, we recommend holding off and waiting for the sun to come out and ground to dry up.

2. Equipment

Equipment is another factor to consider when mowing in the rain. Most equipment purchased nowadays can tolerate wet grass. However, bare in mind, that if you are mowing while it is pouring down, you risk water damaging your engines. This applies for mowers, brush cutters, and blowers.

3. Fine Cuts

Although you can mow in the rain and your mower will cut the grass, the wet grass leaves will make it difficult for your mower to cut that perfect straight cut. This is why some grass leaves look torn, or ripped, rather than finely cut when they are wet.

Not to mention the wheels of the mower stamping their presence on your lawn and the post sogginess after you’re done

4. Personal Preference

Some people dont mind getting soaked while mowing. Others would rather wait it off. It all comes down to what you can tolerate or prefer.

To summarize, mowing in the rain can be done. However, you risk your safety, equipment, and getting the perfect cut. We always recommend waiting it out, letting the sun shine for a bit, and then working your magic.

Mow in the Rain


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